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At ABC Children’s Eye Specialists we strive for excellence in the glasses we provide.

Why shop with us?

Custom Fit

  • When young children are prescribed glasses it is important that the lenses are well aligned in front of your child’s eyes in order to allow for proper visual development. At ABC Children’s Eye Specialists we provide custom glasses fitting for your child to ensure proper fit and lens alignment.
  • While it may be easy for adults to shop online, children’s faces come in many shapes and sizes which makes an in-person fit essential to finding the right glasses for your child.


  • With over 25 years of experience in Pediatric Eye Care, at ABC Children’s Eye Specialists we have a good idea of which glasses will work best for your child.

Lens Replacement

  • At ABC we recognize that kids will be kids; all of our lenses include a one-time replacement for scratches or damage.

Frame Repair

  • As we know accidents happen, if you purchase glasses through our optical shop we will repair any broken frames that are able to be fixed in office free of charge.

ABC Optical is excited to annouce that we are now open access providers for most vision plans! Ask one of our staff members how you can utilize your vision plan benefits at any of our 3 locations.

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