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6 Tips for Helping Your Child Adjust to Wearing Glasses

My brother tells a story about when he first started wearing glasses as a child. “I didn’t realize you were supposed to be able to see the blackboard,” he recalled. Wearing his glasses opened up a world to him — a world he didn’t realize he was supposed to be able to see.


While this may sound crazy to an adult, a child doesn’t know how good their vision is supposed to be. They just see what they can. That’s why it’s so important to schedule regular eye exam appointments for your children starting at age 3. 


If your child needs glasses and doesn’t get a prescription for a pair, it could lead to learning, concentration, and behavior issues. Getting glasses, though, is just the first step. Getting them to wear them regularly is the second and, possibly, more challenging task. Here are six ideas to help your child adjust to wearing glasses.


Let them help pick the frames and case

Your child may be more likely or interested in wearing their glasses if they get to choose the color, frame, and case for them. With their input, they can express their individual style and may, possibly, even look forward to wearing their glasses.

Get them fitted properly

Once your youngster has picked out their frames, it’s important that the glasses are comfortable on their nose and around their ears. If they pinch or slide off their face, it will make it more challenging to persuade them to keep them on. Be sure to get a proper fitting for them.

Point out other friends and celebrities who wear glasses

Is your child still reluctant to wear glasses? Pointing out their friends who wear them or even celebrities who wear glasses and look cool in them can nudge or inspire them to wear theirs regularly. Demi Lovato, Zendaya, Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber are just a few of the stars who sport nifty frames. 

Positive reinforcement

It’s a good idea to cheer your child on for wearing their glasses, and also let them know that you like the look. Who doesn’t appreciate a compliment?

Focus on the benefits

It should become pretty obvious to your child that they can see better with their glasses on. Make sure you focus on the improved ability to see, read, and focus. 

Be patient

Lastly, be patient with your child. As with many new things, it may take them a while to get used to wearing them. Hopefully, after they notice the benefits of seeing more clearly, they’ll be on board with wearing their glasses without you having to remind or encourage them.

For more information on helping your child adjust to glasses, or to schedule an eye exam, call one of the three locations of ABC Children’s Eye Specialists PC in Phoenix or Mesa, Arizona, to make an appointment today. You can also send the team a message here on the website.

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