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Glasses for Christmas? How to Help Your Child Be Excited

Glasses for Christmas? How to Help Your Child Be Excited

Plenty of kids need to wear glasses — but if your child is one of them, you might be a little worried about how they’ll take the news. 

Fortunately, many youngsters take the news just fine and go on to wear their glasses without any issues. But what happens if your child isn’t exactly thrilled by the idea of wearing lenses? 

At ABC Children’s Eye Specialists, our team specializes in kids’ eye health and vision needs, and that includes helping them adjust to new glasses. If new specs are going to be in your child’s stocking this year, these tips can make sure they see it in a positive light.

Tell them why

Many kids will be more accepting when they understand why they need glasses — how glasses can improve their vision and keep their eyes healthy. Focus on how glasses will benefit them directly, like making it easier to read, do schoolwork, watch TV, and play games. 

Look for role models

In the United States alone, tens of millions of adults wear eyeglasses or contacts, and more than 25% of kids do too. That includes plenty of celebrities and well-known childhood figures, like Harry Potter, Spongebob Squarepants, and even Peter Parker and Clark Kent (aka, Spider-Man and Superman). 

Look around and you’re bound to find sports figures, singers, and actors who famously flaunt their frames.

Let them choose

There was a time just a few decades ago when kids’ glasses were limited to a few basic styles. Today, your child has as many choices as you do when it comes to choosing eyeglass frames

Letting your child choose their frames is a really great way to get them invested in their glasses. If your budget allows it, let your child pick out a couple different frames: Maybe one for school and one for special events and weekends.

Focus on fashion

Of course, it’s important for your child to know how glasses will “work” to help them have better vision. But glasses can also be a fashion accessory. When you’re out shopping for your child’s frames, consider letting them pick up one or two new outfits to complete their look. 

Make it a big deal

On the day your child selects their frames, take them to lunch, see a movie with them, or spend the afternoon at the park. Make it a special day they can look forward to.

Ask the doctor

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your child may still be a little reluctant about wearing their new glasses. If that’s the case, our team can help. Our providers specialize in children’s vision needs, and that includes helping them get excited about wearing their glasses. 

During your child’s office visit, we help them understand the importance of glasses and can assist them in finding frames that help them feel confident and “cool.” 

Glasses can help your child be the best they can be, and with a little effort on your part, you can encourage even the most reluctant child to feel good about wearing them. 

To learn more about our optician services or to schedule a glasses fitting at our offices in Phoenix or Mesa, Arizona, book an appointment online or over the phone today.

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