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Here's Why You Should Have Your Child's Glasses Custom Fit

Here's Why You Should Have Your Child's Glasses Custom Fit

Just over a quarter of kids wear glasses or contact lenses to correct an array of vision issues, like farsightedness, nearsightedness, strabismus, or astigmatism. Ordering glasses online might seem like a convenient option, but without a custom fit, your child’s vision might not improve. It could get worse instead.

A leading pediatric ophthalmology practice with offices in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona, ABC Children's Eye Specialists offers a wide variety of eyeglasses for kids of all ages, and every pair is carefully custom fit to ensure your child enjoys the best, clearest vision possible. 

Here are five reasons why that custom-fit feature is so essential for your child’s vision and eye health.

1. Better fit means greater comfort

Glasses only “work” when you wear them, but who wants to wear glasses that are loose, pinch, or just don’t feel comfortable? During your child’s custom-fitting appointment, our team ensures the frames fit properly — snugly but comfortably — so your child is more likely to wear them as prescribed.

We also pay special attention to lens sizing, making certain that the lenses provide a clear visual field that allows your child to participate fully in school and during social and extracurricular activities. 

Further, a proper fit also avoids pressure points that can lead to headaches or facial pain.

2. Optimal vision correction

You know your child is unique, and we know it, too. Glasses fit differently based on each child’s unique facial shape, eye spacing, and other features. 

Glasses ordered online or purchased “off the shelf” don’t take those unique features into consideration, and that means your child may still have issues even while wearing their lenses. 

With a custom fitting, our team ensures the lenses of the glasses are precisely aligned with your child’s eyes, eliminating distractions like blurriness or glare that interfere with clear vision. That keeps your child in a better position to excel in school, sports, social situations, and other environments and activities.

3. Reduced risk of breakage (and accidents)

Glasses that don’t fit securely are also more likely to slip out of position, leading to vision distortion and an increased risk of accidents. Plus, loose glasses are more likely to fall off and break.

We can even suggest special “ear grips” to improve fit without compromising your child’s comfort or vision.

4. Reduced risk of eyestrain and its symptoms

If you wear any type of glasses, you know how going without your lenses quickly leads to eyestrain or headaches. The same is true if your lenses aren’t properly aligned. 

Eyestrain is especially common among kids, where activities like reading, studying, or using a computer are common. A custom fitting avoids eyestrain by making sure the lenses are properly sized and positioned for consistently clear vision.

5. Better eye health and vision as they grow

Certainly, having well-fitting glasses offers lots of benefits during childhood. But good vision now sets the stage for benefits later in life, too. 

Custom-fitted lenses and frames improve your child’s ability to concentrate and focus, so they can do better in school, sports, and any extracurricular activities that can shape their future achievements.

Plus, less eyestrain reduces the risk of other vision issues that can leave a lasting mark on your child’s vision and eye function.

Regular vision exams are essential for making sure your child enjoys clear vision while avoiding potentially serious vision or eye health issues. 

To schedule your child’s eye exams or to learn more about our options for glasses, call our offices to book an appointment with the team at ABC Children’s Eye Specialists today.

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